Elena Bekah

Although I'm based in the beautiful land of Utah, I'm always down to travel wherever your love takes me! Bringing my signature high-quality and personalized touch to the world of wedding and couples photography. 

This profession has always been a passion of mine. I was awarded multiple scholastic photography awards back in high school and have spent over a decade honing in on my craft. The last four years, I've specifically niched down into capturing weddings and couples. It's safe to say I'm a seasoned photographer, and  I  know how to make your love story shine like the dazzling gem it is.

hey there, my name is

Elena Bekah

That's why  I believe that they must be captured for you to hang onto forever. I love documenting the most meaningful moments in a couple’s lives from date nights to engagement photos to their happily ever after.

This includes familial moments as well; the people in our lives are so incredibly important and I ache if those precious memories are forgotten. To this day, I wish that I had more photos of my grandpa and I to look back on. When I'm photographing a wedding I make sure to capture those in between moments of the special people in your lives.

Our cherished memories are so special and sacred, but also fleeting

It’s like journaling (which I am a HUGE fan of as well!) but with visual and tangible photos of a moment. Have you ever looked back at some past photos of your life and childhood? How often do you see those images and say, “Oh my gosh! I forgot about that day!” or if you’re anything like me, you’ll actually see something funny you forgot about that happened and just start crying laughing for like 20 minutes straight?

Still images provide a joy like no other.

Photos bring our most precious memories to LIFE. I also love working with the classiest and goofiest of couples. All couples are so genuine and romantic in their own ways. I love to portray those emotions and interactions between couples. It not only brings me so much joy but it makes my couples LIGHT UP imagine a star eye emoji or a watery eye emoji * I’ve dreamed about my own love and who my best friend to marry would be since I was a little girl. Now that I’ve met him, all I want to do is document our love story and our cute relationship.

Relationships are so pertinent to the state and outcome of our life and journey, 

we must remember to cherish and be grateful for the moments that mean the most.

Finding a photographer for one of the most important days in your life can be super overwhelming!

I remember when I was searching for our wedding and couples photographer, I was so anxious that I wouldn’t find someone who I personally connect with and trust to take charge on the wedding day. Personally, I wanted to find someone chill, organized, and “go with the flow” so I could remain calm and at ease on my big day.

Those attributes really define who I am and how I will work with you because that is exactly what I needed to calm my anxiety about how everything would go the day of my husband and I’s wedding! To be frank, I probably looked at over 50+ photographers and their portfolios! Trust me, you can see that I truly understand what it’s like and the types of issues you might face during the entire wedding process!

Before, during and after I am in your corner cheering you on and providing you both with personalized service for what you need and want to achieve working with me! As your photographer, I care about your vision and your experience as if it were my own wedding!

A glimpse at Elena Bekah

favorite snack

I will NEVER not want butterfingers. I looooove them oh my goodness. I crave those hardcore.

my girl crushes

Blake Lively, Zendaya (a queeeen), Lily James (what a BEAUT) and obviously Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series, I can’t tell you how many times I have read that series

what i'm watching

I’m such a teenager at heart, Teen Wolf has me soooo bad. Psych, Parks & Rec, Criminal Minds and the Office. 

favorite places

The beach. I can’t name a more beautiful and serene environment. At home, anywhere my family is and in an ice cream shop.


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