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Destination wedding and traveling couples photographer for real couples in love.

Experience wedding photos that truly make you feel the romance, the sparks, and the excitement  you felt on your wedding day every time you pull them out.

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Candid, loving and playful photos that make you feel at ease and and leave you romanticizing your future together as a couple!

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Couples Photography

Make your dreams a reality. Experience the wildest, most romantic adventure with the people you love most!

Destination Weddings

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She not only got our best angles but she got who we really are...

Adriana Muñoz

I can confidently say that she will surpass your expectations! After receiving the final gallery, I laughed, smiled, cried. Loved them all!!!”

Elena knows her angles, KNOWS how to shoot people of color, and is great with posing.

Joanna Salvador

We’ve had a few photographers make our skin look blotchy and uneven as they edited us. NOT Elena! She did a great job!

I got all the photos that I wanted from all of the shoots/events.

Micah Heathcote

It didn't feel like we were awkwardly posing for wedding pictures but instead it felt like I was there with my best friend and our pictures happened to be taken too.

As a wedding and couples photographer for 4+ years, I am dedicated to documenting you and your love for each other; nothing is more important than our relationships!

My purpose is to serve you and deliver the most authentic, beautiful images that allow you to feel the same emotions you felt during those moments.

My work ignites those memories... the ones where you were both so  twitterpated and madly in love. Those are the moments I care about capturing the most.

Heyyy! I'm Elena!

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